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My name is Joe Padavic, owner of Teardrop Video. One reason I started this venture was out of personal guilt for not saving photos of my mom’s family. My aunt had passed away, and my brother and I went to help our mom collect my Aunt’s things at her apartment. While there, we found literally hundreds of photos my aunt had taken while she was a WAVE in the Navy. We started looking at these photos and although we recognized the places we didn’t recognize all of the people. To be honest we didn’t look at that many and neither my brother nor I wanted to take them with us. So, we left them. Looking back, I’m sure there were many images of my mom’s side of the family that with a little effort we could have saved.

Another reason was the loss of my family’s 8mm films from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. We always dreaded the spotlights blinding us while my stepfather took films at family get-togethers. But, due to poor storage techniques, these films became unviewable. Even though the films showed everyone grimacing at the lights, it would be nice to be able to reminisce every once in awhile and enjoy those events again and remember those family members no longer with us today. Anyway, that is why I started this business.