Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I order?

Print out the Order Form and fill out the required information. Sequence each of your reels in the order you want them shown by writing the number somewhere on the reel itself (1, 2, 3…). On a sheet of paper or an Excel spreadsheet, list the reel number(s), title(s) and date(s). Next, package your reels, order form and titling spreadsheet securely in a sturdy box and send it to us. Use a reputable shipping company to ensure your films and to provide package tracking capabilities.

The Teardrop difference. 

The difference is simple; we love home movies. It’s our goal to preserve your family memories, whether film or photo, to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Will your DVD’s play in my player?

We primarily use DVD-R discs, which will play in most TV standalone DVD players. You can verify what type of disc your DVD player supports by checking You’ll need your DVD Player’s make and model number. Locate the link on the home page for ‘DVD Players’. Enter the make and model. You will be shown what your player can read. If it only supports DVD+R discs note that on the order form.

What customer service do you provide?

We treat your films and photos as if they were our own. We will do what is necessary to provide you with what it takes to get the job done the way you want it.

What type of turnaround can I expect?

Our goal is 10 business days. We are small shop and can’t guarantee a turnaround time frame, but we will give each order our prompt attention and respect the customer’s needs as best we can. We will keep you informed of progress as it nears completion and shipping date. If you request a Preview DVD/VHS this will add some turnaround time. It is well worth the wait to have the correct sequence and titling on the finalized DVD.

What if I don’t know what is in the film?

For a fee we can send you a preview DVD of your films (unedited). Each film on the DVD is preceded by the number you wrote on the reel. You can skip through the video locating the sequence number, then watch the video and identify the event filmed. Write down the sequence number and the title you want to be displayed, and the date of the event filmed. Send this back via mail or e-mail, and we will do the rest. You can also let us know if there is something you don’t want to be copied. Another option – we can e-mail an EXCEL spreadsheet with the original information that was written on the reel, reel box or reel canister. You would enter the above-mentioned information and e-mail it back.

Will my films be damaged by this process?

We handle your film with kid-gloves (actually special cloth gloves). The only time we touch your film is during the cleaning, splicing and transferring the film. Our transfer process makes it impossible to burn or scorch your film. After that your films are re-packaged and all editing is performed on the PC. We realize that you films represent a treasured part of your family history and we will take every precaution to protect your possessions.

How can I tell the condition of my film?

If the film is stuck together, if the edges have started to curl, if it is too brittle to bend (take care and don’t crease the film testing this) or if there is a strong chemical odor, your film is probably damaged. The good news is 8mm and Super8 movie film, unless stored in very hot or moist conditions, is nearly always in good enough shape to do a transfer. The film and image quality depends greatly on how it was cared for while in storage. We have successfully transferred film from the mid-30s without a problem. We will inform you if any reels of film are cannot be transferred.

What about return shipping charges?

If you have shipped the media to us, you should have a good idea of the cost of shipping the media back, but best guess shipping will be in the range of $10.00 to $20.00 for ground shipping.

Do you have a minimum charge?

Yes, it is $75.00, not including shipping.

Can I get a sample of my films on DVD?

Send us a reel to transfer. For no charge, we will email a sample of a few minutes of the film.

Can I edit my own videos?

We can work with you to transfer your films to an external hard drive or flash drive. Contact us for the details.

Do I get my films back?

Yes. As mentioned earlier the smaller reels are spliced together on larger 7″ reels (unless you have directed us otherwise). All films, boxes, reels with writing and canisters are returned. In addition, the spreadsheet used for titling and sequencing will contain the location of each smaller reel on the larger ones.