Film Transfer Services

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Teardrop offers three different tiers for film transfers
  • Archival Tier
  • Archival Plus Tier
  • Narrative Tier

Simple movie like viewing.

Menus, background music, and titling.

Includes all of the benefits of the archival tier and archival plus tier, but also includes your voice over to narrate the events.

Effects You Can Apply to Your Film Transfer


Menu(s) added at the beginning DVD, gives the option of starting the video from the beginning or jumping into the DVD at selected scenes.

Background Music

Background music gives it a professional touch while making the video a pleasurable event to watch. Music that best matches the tempo or your own favorites can be added to each video. To give it an original viewing experience, we can add the sound of a projector to the video.


Titles are added at the beginning of each video contained within the DVD to identify the event being shown.


Narrating your films (your voice or a loved one’s voice), describing the people and events, gives the video a unique value. The visual memories along with the voice-over will be treasured by current and future generations.

The Process

All films are cleaned and lubricated to remove surface dust and anything that has ‘grown’ on the film while it has been stored. All film breaks are trimmed and the 2 ends are spliced back together. All existing splices are inspected and replaced, if necessary. Smaller reels of film are spliced together and transferred to larger 7″ reels. Each frame of your film is captured on the computer’s hard drive in a lossless format. Each video file is then edited to remove the blank leader, discolored ending and any unviewable portions (black, clear or sunburst) to create a new version. Your video files are put in sequence (supplied by you), then rendered to DVD formatted data files and copied to a DVD-R disc. Each DVD will hold 1 hour of video, the equivalent of 16 – 3” reels.


The video files on a DVD are a lossy (compressed) format, they are not a ‘master’ copy. Upon request, we can provide a lossless (uncompressed) set of video files. Ask for cost and details.

Video Prints

Depending on the quality and clarity of the video frame’s image, a special moment can be captured on your film and printed as a standard 4×6 print.