Photo, Slide, and Negative
Transfer Service

Spring Lake, Michigan and Surrounding Areas

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Teardrop Video's Three Levels of Photo Transfer
  • Archival Tier
  • Archival Plus Tier
  • Narrative Tier

The photos are scanned at a high resolution and saved to a CD/DVD. The images can be copied to a computer for viewing or printing.

The images are placed in order, determined by you, into a slideshow. Music and titling are optional.

The narrative tier includes the features of the archival tier and archival plus tier; along with your narration of the photos.

Effects You Can Add to Your Digital Product
  • Titling
  • Narration
  • Music
  • The Process
  • Photos in Motion

Titles can be added to the slideshow preceding a group of images to identify people, places, events, and dates.

Narrating the photos adds a very personal effect to the images. The video not only captures the treasured images but includes the voice of loved ones to be shared with current and future generations.

Music adds a professional touch in making the slideshow a more pleasurable event to watch. We can use your favorites or choose music to match the tempo.

Each photo is scanned in at a resolution high enough to maintain its true visual presence when printed. You receive your photos on CDs or DVDs in 2 (two) formats. The first is a .tif (lossless) format and should be stored in a separate location (i.e. safety deposit box, or at a relative’s/friend’s house). The second is a .jpg (lossy) format and can be used to make additional prints or copied to your computer.

This is more commonly know as the “Ken Burns” effect, where the images in the slideshow move across the screen and transition from one image to another.